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EB.Suite brings electronic publications to the next level.

It is the tool allowing you to produce efficient electronic publications in a single go for:

  • Windows-based devices
  • the Intranet / Internet,
  • for the iPad

EB.Suite stands for

  • Scalability - create electronic publications out of small and large data sets
  • Flexibility - By supporting a variety of source formats (SGML, XML, PDF, Office, graphics and video formats) EB.Suite helps you to bundle any information in a single user interface.
  • Functionality - not just the sophisticated full-text search, but also an unlimited number of meta data help to provide access to the required information easily
  • Personalisation - By assigning bookmarks and notes users can customise the publications
  • Virtual publications - through efficient filtering mechanisms users can generate on-the-fly publications that reflect a particular configuration of a machine or system
  • Updates - Publications that have been distributed on CD or DVD can be updated incrementally and remotely
  • Security - The information is stored in encrypted databases. Rights and roles of the users define the access to information the users are allowed to see.
  • Industrialised workflows - Transparent workflows ensure a high degree of automation, thus resulting in a consistently high quality of publications

The user interface is designed in accordance with your specification and the functionality that has to be exposed. Our XML-based GUI description language is efficient enough to meet all requirements.

EB.Suite is a package of several components:

  • EB.Compiler - the production component of EB.Suite
  • EB.Composer - the graphical user interface to assemble, structure and publish electronic publications
  • EB.2go - the runtime environment for Windows-based offline publications on CD, DVD and memory stick
  • EB.4web - the application server for publications on the Internet and Intranet
  • EB.4app - the app for publications on iOS and Android based devices
  • EB.2protect - a set of tools to deal with all safety and security related issues
  • EB.PublicationManager - the tool to manage publications and user rights for all EB.4app publications
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