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EB.Now! is a software to create efficient electronic publications with only a few mouse clicks. Without being a programmer you can create professional publications providing a great value to your customers.

It requires only four steps to create your publications:

1. Organize your data and files in a directory structure 

2. Copy EBnow.exe into the root of your directory structure and launch the application.

3. Configure the user interface, languages, title, logo and the password

4. Publish the packages produced by EB.Now! on CD/DVD,  memory stick or in the intranet/internet using EB.Now!4web.

EB.Now! can be used for a wide variety of documentation:

  • Operation manuals
  • Service information
  • Handbooks
  • Marketing information
  • Sales information
  • Training documentation

Being the "little brother" of EB.Suite EB.Now! provides the essential features of EB.Suite and allows you to produce electronic publications without the need to program applications.

It is extremely simple to use EB.Now!. The application does not have any specific hardware requirements and does not need additional libraries. Everything you need is compiled in a single program file. You do not need any specific rights to run the application. The applications and the packages it produces can be used without installation.

Check it out. You can download an evaluation version of EB.Now!

Are you missing features? Ask for a demo of EB.Suite publications!


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