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  • Verschiedene Beispiele für digitale Ersatzteilkataloge und Dokumentationen
  • Beispiel für die elektronische Dokumentation eines Ersatzteilkatalogs
  • Beispiel für die digitale Umsetzung von eines Ersatzteilkatalogs


EB.Suite is the ideal platform to produce, deliver and use Spare Parts Catalogues. Standardized interfaces help us to provide you with an efficient tool that fits into your budget.

Our philosophy is not to deal with parts information only. In an ideal world we help our customers to combine parts information with maintenance and service information. This combination allows the user to work in both worlds. In this case the publication is more than just a parts catalogue: It becomes a full-blown service information system.

Being an application of EB.Suite EB.4catalogue provides the full set of functionality:

  • Full text search
  • Metadata search over parts numbers or descriptions
  • Notes and bookmarks on parts or part groups
  • Cross-references between graphics and text
  • Support of a wide variety of bitmap formats and vector graphics (CGM)
  • Support of hotspot information
  • Management of an unlimited number of shopping carts
  • Dynamic, on-the-fly filtering to create maschine specific catalogues
  • User interfaces that meet your requirements
  • Publication on CD, DVD,  memory stick or the internet
  • Multilingual catalogues
  • Incremental updates
  • Comprehensive features to protect your data

We have standardized the process to create catalogues: An XML based interface is able to cope with any information structure.

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