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  • Beispiele für Anwendungen als App auf Ipad und für den Desktop aus dem Bereich der Luftfahrt
  • Beispiel einer Dokumentationslösung für die Luftfahrt als Desktop Ipad Anwendung
  • Dokumentationen auf dem Ipad in der Luftfahrt


EB.4aviation is an industry solution based on EB.Suite. Aviation companies are provided with a software package to produce publications that can be used on an Electronic Flight Bag, on any Windows device, on an iPad and on the intranet.

The power of EB.Suite is exposed in a unique package with outstanding features:

  • Unlimited numbers of manuals in a single publication
  • Support of a wide variety of different source formats: information coming from a content management system as XML/SGML files and PDF based manuals delivered by aircraft manufacturers.
  • Effectivity handling for dynamic creation of aircraft specific manuals
  • Change management
  • Quick access to the required information based on an efficient taxonomy
  • Incremental updates for EFBs and Apps
  • Day-to-night mode
  • Optimised user interface design for touch screens
  • Notes, bookmarks
  • Support of graphics with hotspots

A production with EB.4aviation is simple:

  • Selecting the manuals to be published
  • Starting the production process
  • Distributing the publications

Depending on your license the publishing packages can be used on an EFB, the intranet or on an iPad. Our tools help you efficiently to provide the information quickly into all publishing channels supported by EB.Suite.

EB.4aviation combines an effective, because highly automated, workflow with high added value through intelligent, secure and legally correct information.

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