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  • Publikation eines Fachverlages auf dem Ipad und auf dem Desktop
  • Dokumentationen auf dem Ipad in der Luftfahrt
  • Beispiel einer Dokumentationslösung für die Luftfahrt als Desktop Ipad Anwendung
  • Maschinen- und Anlagebau dokumentiert auf dem Ipad als App sowie als Desktopanwendung


EB.4app is the logical extension of EB.Suite for expert information and technical documentation on iPad and Tablet-PCs.  EB.4app is one element of our automated and efficient publishing process. EB.4app is a software product that has the technology base and the typical components of an app. The appearance of the app can be configured for your business. You have the choice between a conventional stand-alone app or kiosk-app.


The app as a publication

The functionality of the EasyBrowse-app is based on the technical capabilities of the devices and operating systems.

The users are provided with the following standard functionalities:

  • Content tree for quick navigation in the information, including switching to full-screen mode
  • Full-text search with hit-highlighting
  • Indices of any type and number
  • Notes with short text display, bookmarks, history
  • Multilingualism (the set system language is detected)


The kiosk app

EB.4app as a kiosk app can be used as a container for any number of publications. An app kiosk can be used across the company to contain different publications with different revisions and or different information types. So different publications for different use cases can be made available, for example manuals, operating manuals, srevice documentation but also book titles. The access rights to the individual publication are controlled centrally, influencing which user can see and use which publication. The publications contain in itself the respective contents/ documentations/ titles and this as well in different revision statuses.


Administration | Updating | Security

EB.Publication Manager is the tool to manage publications and users. It enables you to control the additions, updates or deletions of publications and to administer the user rights.

EB.4app communicates with EB.Publication Manager which provides information regarding new, updated and deleted content. According to this the information on the Tablet-PC is being modified respectively. Bookmarks and notes survive and update and will still be available to the user. It is not necessary to access EB.4app via public servers. The distribution of information and managing the information can be integrated into your companies infrastructure. We are happy to give advice regarding further details.


Customer- and project specific user interfaces

Consistent use of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) enables us to implement your ideas and requirements regarding the design of the graphical user interface easily. EB.4app can be adapted to your company or product by using diefferent stylsitic means.

These include

  • the color of the title bar
  • the design of symbols
  • font color, text style or background colors.

We can easily design an app according to your ideas and requirements.



EB.Compiler, production component and part of EB.Suite, does not only distribute information into offline- or online channels. EB.Compiler also generates the data package which will be made available on Tablet-PCs. The workflow to generate your app based on EB.Suite is a closed workflow and can be aligned with the generation of the same publication for another channel, for example the web.



Data sources available can be SGML, XML or PDF files. Structured data will be transformed into our own XML format in a pre-transformation process. To publish PDFs on Tablet-PCs  a folder structure in the file system is needed so that the files can be dragged into EB.Composer.


Exploiting synergies - optimise workflows: XML is the method of choice

EasyBrowse EB.Suite is a powerful software tool generate and distribute electronic publications. EB.4app is one component of this publication system. The workflow is pre-configured. Your app can be designed according to your styles. The process is elegant and lean- in one go information will be published into different channels, also into print. Using XML-data is a great asset for rich functionality.

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