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  • EB.Suitemore

    Our flagship for electronic publication

  • Beispiele für Anwendungen als App auf Ipad und für den Desktop aus dem Bereich der Luftfahrt


    FlightOps | MRO

  • Verschiedene Beispiele für digitale Ersatzteilkataloge und Dokumentationen


    Electronic Spare Parts Catalogues and much more...

  • Umsetzungen für geschützte Dokumentationen in der Verteidigungsindustrie


    Publications based on S1000D-specification

  • Der Einstieg ind die elektronische Publikation


    Four steps to electronic publishing


EasyBrowse develops software to create, distribute, update and use electronic publications.

Our flagship EB.Suite consists of two types of tools and components: production and  publishing components. The core for all productions is EB.Compiler. It generates all data packages used by the publishing components EB.2go, EB.4web and EB.4app.

For a number of industries we offer standard solutions which are based on EB.Suite. These help you to achieve your goals faster as they include functionality typically required by those industries.

EB.Now! is the product to get aquainted with electronic publications.


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