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  • Maschinen- und Anlagebau dokumentiert auf dem Ipad als App sowie als Desktopanwendung
  • Beispiel einer Publikation aus der Maschinen- und Anlagebau Branche
  • Umsetzung einer Dokumentation aus dem Bereich des Maschinen- und Anlagenbaus

Mechanical Engineering

The amount of technical information and documentation in the mechanical engineering industry is enormous. Finding information which is spread across the company or only available in paper format is getting more and more difficult, for clients as well as for internal staff.

What users really expect:

  • A quick and simple way to find the information relevant for a particular machine or device
  • The option to hide information which is not applicable
  • To find information using different techniques like fulltext search, metadata search etc. ('Show me the installation information for component X in language Y')

  EB.Suite: the tool to publish

  • Operating manuals
  • Service information
  • Maintenance- and repair instructions
  • Electronic Spare Parts Catalogues

 Protecting your information:

  • EB.Suite prevents unauthorized access to information
  • The information is stored in encrypted databases.
  • Publications can be assigned with an expiry date.
  • The use of a publication can be limited to a specific device.


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