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  • Publikation eines Fachverlages auf dem Ipad und auf dem Desktop
  • Dokumentation aus dem Bereich Metallbau
  • Beispiel einer Publikation und Dokumentaion eines Fachverlages

STM Publishers

Being a Commercial Publisher your most valuable asset is your content which deserves smart marketing/ selling into different channels. The key to succeed is to re-use or to re-purpose the exisiting content. Electronic media provide better chances for selling those data compared to classic print products. They have to meet the following requirements:

  • offering the reader fast and easy access to the required information regardless of the amount of data
  • providing new options to sell publications by differenciating user needs
  • organising the production process as efficient as possible.

Key aspects are:

  • Finding instead of searching - powerful search engines and optimal user experience
  • Single-Source-Publishing - Publishing from a single database, avoiding redundant information
  • Multi-Channel-Publishing - Publishing into (ideally) all media

For legal, technical and other commercial publishers as well as public authorities and institutions working with structured data EB.Suite provides the technology to distribute information online, offline and on mobile devices. The software comes along with a comprehensive set of functionality, a flexible management of rights and roles.

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