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To provide maintenance engineers and cockpit and cabin crews with the relevant information at the right moment in time is one of the many challenges in aviation. The task is to implement efficient, future-proof processes resulting in useful and easy to use information, way beyond publishing PDFs.

The following questions have to be answered:

  • Which is the best way to provide all staff with the latest revisions of the manuals applicable to them?
  • How to compose manuals based on different formats and sources to a single publication?
  • How to inform all staff about the latest changes?
  • How to set up the process of publishing to make sure all manuals can be made available simultaniously in the intranet, on an  EFB and even on an iPad?
  • How to achieve that only the amendments have to be distributed to the staff?
  • How can information be found quickly in critical situations?
  • How best to support airline staff in eLearning and retaining knowledge?

We answer those questions with EB.4aviation

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